Polyphasic Sleep (Uberman) Day 16 to 25

During this large gap of time, a week, I found myself disappointed with my efforts.

I did a lot, though; besides a new resume, seeing a friend’s play, visiting another and talking about jobs and careers, and everything else I’ve been up to, my polyphasic schedule has been improving.

I originally thought that the fact that I was falling into long-sleep periods of 4 hours by accident was a problem.  Since I’ve been thinking polyphasic long-term, these long naps feel like my next barrier. Instead of dividing a period of 8 hours of sleep immediately into 6 of 30 minutes, I’ve managed about 4 naps, missing times by an hour, and one nap that runs into the wakeup time for the next in the early AM.

Not sleeping with my girlfriend has been tough. One of the plusses of moving in is the comfort of sleeping with someone you love and care about, the talk before you go to sleep, and hopefully waking up next to them.  It’s a heartache every time I tuck her in, though.

Finding somewhere to ‘nap’, and yet be just uncomfortable enough to wake up for the next alarm, has made my sleeping unfulfilling.

Though Steve mentioned naps that revitalized him, I’m still in groggy zone. On sleepier periods, I’ll rescue myself from a nap, or be rescued by my girlfriend, but I’m returned to the state I was in before I napped.. not a “revitalized wakeup.”  Moreover, I’m having wispier “daydreams” of less lucidity and impact than my most intense of dreams.   So, overall, I think I still have a bit to go.

Some sleep is distinctly more fulfilling.  For example, this morning I slept in a longer period of time. I slept long enough that I didn’t feel like going back to what I had done for the past few days in projects, and wanted to do something new.

I’ve found myself able to get less and less sleep as time’s gone on, but eventually, a day like today comes up and I want to fulfill my dues.

Also, this’s provided me more opportunities to daydream and provide an opportunity to remember my dreams.

And an important note.. I think accepting that a nap has ended and that the time is likely over helps me remember my dreams and stay awake better.  I’m going to try that policy going ahead.

Meanwhile, feeling aches and pains in parts of my body, and some sort of weakness in my lungs.  To be honest? Looking forward to the next long sleep I fall into.  Feeling beat.

Polyphasic Sleep (uberman) day 13-15

The past few days, I still took naps, but a dominant sleep period has been creeping in.

Day 14 morning, slept in bed with loved one at 3, only to wake up later on, around 9. The times seem to be in six hours? Like day 15 morning, napped on the couch at 4:40am, but found myself sleeping until 10.

Day 13, I took a car trip that left me awake most of the day. No naps. Day 14, mowed the lawn. Nap somewhere in there. Day 15, a revised resume design. No naps. So, essentially, busy for most of these days. However, I always worked through my breaks, and now naps seem necessary, but not trusted to go deep enough.

Getting sicker of bad foods, but this sleep schedule failure has left me physically beat. Can only manage about 20 minutes of exercise per day, and no Tabata intervals nor yoga.  Yoga seems worth it, so I’ll try that.

Polyphasic Sleep (Day 11-12) Log

Found myself sunsick from the trip.  I guess I really don’t go out that much. Sigh.

Finding that I don’t care much about sleep, just about how tired I am.  Finding that I don’t care much about how tired I am when I am distracted.  Finding that I am writing and working on more artistic things.

When I have the shorter naps, I end up with dreams I remember. Sleep deprivation is quite important to this; THe night before, day 11, I went to bed at 6 again after handling some social media I needed to do and a large writing attempts.  Great vivid dreams.  Day 12’s morning, I went to bed at 3 AM but woke at 9, exercised, and napped due to pain.

Woke at about 10:30, alas.  Both days, spent more time writing to see what friends thought.  Some good work, I’ve been told, but I’m seeking improvements on top of that still.

Recently came up with the idea for a new net project of mine.  Not sure if this’ll be an LLC or what.  Talked to dad about a new net project, but he confused where I’d host it.  On our house’s internet? Haha.

I hope it doesn’t come to that.

Joking aside, :P, seriously challenging my perceptions of myself on this.  Every time I write, I remind myself of what people might think of me in the future for this.  But I hope you understand me being more humble about this–being uptight and stressed has been my enemy lately, and I want to cut it out.

I mean, I have enough on my plate.  Feeling sleepless is one of them.  STill needing to do chores, as this is prime lawn-mowing season.  I’ll seek another daylight cycle that gives me enough juice to manage that.

Otherwise, I’ve been busy.  Been out seeing the people that inspire my life– even the people who live right next to me.  It warms my heart and firms my sights on my future ideal work.  Let me talk about that for a second.

I’m impressed by SmoothMcGroove; If you haven’t heard of him, consider that each week he posts a video that nets him $2,500 from his engaged fans.  However, he’s also become an internet sensation due to producing memorable works of art from works of art that resonate with people already.  It’s a lark to think that I can become like him, so I gotta focus on something that’s a more rewarding business as-is.

But there is still meaning here; SmoothMcGroove might be doing what he loves.  And that means his patrons/fans are winds pushing him up into the air.  So I can imagine that feeling exactly.  Even if I have a few fans, their breeze is proof of possibility.  Of belief.  So what do I associate with the feeling of being lifted up into the air by my fans?

That answered a lot of questions for me.  Coding?  I can’t see myself releasing a game and getting paid for it.  But it could work.  How about drawing art and getting support?  That could, too, if my art meant something significant to me.  What about being social or simply sharing myself as a person?  Therapy, maybe, but I’d need more licenses for that.  So at least I know the hurdles in that direction, and what funds I have left to afford them. :/

I kept asking myself this and found many great ideas, and I suggest you do so, too.

So now I just gotta do it and catch people who ‘believe’, or who ‘get it’.  That’s how ideas succeed.  Now, gulp, the hard work in front of me while seeking other typical callings in the job market..

Polyphasic Sleep (Uberman) Log 8, 9, 10

After the trip, I’ll mention the following:


  • The desire for naps at the scheduled times always came on.  But I passed through them.  Instead, I did have a longer-term of sleep at night.  However, my sleep period was shorter by an hour or so; going to bed by about 1/2, and waking by 8, I think.
  • The desire for healthier food lingered, and I ate less of crappier food.
  • I found myself groggy and exanimate due to the fuller sleep schedules. This went away after awhile, since I might nap elsewhere in the day.  Until then, it’s like my body thinks there’s something awry to the long rest.  Yet, I did not over-sleep, but took a nap or two at night. It’s almost as if I divided my sleep schedule into bi-phasic, or tri-phasic.
  • Staying up later puts a bit more duress upon me, but I can handle it better.  I ended up staying up until 6 AM on my return night home, despite the craziness of the trip.  Got home and didn’t take a 1/2 AM nap since  we got home too late.  Can’t remember when I got up, since I am now editing this a day later.
  • Getting home, still having difficulty staying up and taking the naps. Realizing I need to pay better attention to the time, and stop working on things ‘just a few more minutes’.  Might consider using a pomodoro timer.
  • I really feel like I can sleep less, though.



Polyphasic Sleep schedule day 7?

Is this day 7? Anyways, been managing the naps, with support. Also, have been getting less sleep and moving towards polyphasic bit by bit.
This morning, went to bed at 1:30 AM, woke at 2, but didn’t like the nap and tried again; i had an iced coffee coolatta from Dunkin’s without thinking at 6pm. (Will add) so, that second nap went better, and I stayed up from 2:30 until around my 5 am nap, sketching, and more. Then, woke from my 5 am-ish nap at about 8, when I got awoken. But I slept again from 8:15 until 8:45 ish.

I’ll keep track of my sleeping totals from now on, and help you identify the amounts over 24h. Might update the old posts.

(As now, it’s 11 , but I’ll check the days; it’s crazy now. I do think it’s possibly not day 7 and this is a day 8 log, above.)

V1.  Going on a trip tomorrow.  This post and the next ones should be hazy.

Polyphasic Sleep (Uberman) Day 6

My 5 am nap ended at 9, even though I slept in a different bed, used a louder alarm, had lights on.

Believe it or not, I think that’s a good thing. What wasn’t a good thing was deciding to try another 30 minute nap afterwards..  I woke from that nap at the right time, but fell back asleep until 11.

Let me contrast you how I felt between the two; 9 am, still felt rested, but in the REM haze that makes me think I can get more REM sleep.  11 am, no more haze, but a feeling of less

Dim lights help!

(Will post more here, later)

Edit:  Whoops.

Polyphasic Sleep (Uberman) Log Day 5

So, as I mentioned at the end of log day 4, another crappy end to the night’s schedule.  But, I was getting poor naps throughout the day due to my previous lengthy excursions to dreamland :x. Maybe. Hard to tell.

Went out to see a movie today. Was hard to stay awake for a part of it, so napped a little. Took a few naps during the day, too.

Wish I had more to say. Had a few interesting dreams worth remembering, but since I didn’t write them down… ‘u’; I think I have a few memory stragglers, though.

I think I ended up going to sleep around 5 and waking up at 9. I felt pretty lucid, but still REM-y and wanted to sleep again.

Polyphasic Sleep (Uberman) Log Day 4

I went to bed at 5:30 AM, after my 5:00 AM nap attempt. Didn’t sleep as well as I’d like, but felt ‘awake’ enough.  Felt weird about not sleeping in bed, so laid in bed and tried to distract myself with Twitch Plays Pokemon and emails.

My energy level was kinda stable, but always on the decrease throughout the day. My naps didn’t produce much REM sleep, mostly because I felt ‘aware’ throughout most of my attempt to sleep.

Getting tired as the day went on; felt a bit difficult to manage my words.  Managed to get a bit of grocery shopping done, finished an update to my website, queue some updates to another website… Man, I didn’t realize how much I was working on.

Entertained my sister. Hoping she’s OK.

Didn’t get much sleep at my 1 am nap, so I figure I might need to be truly sleep deprived before I can cause the ability to drop into dreams.

Worse news to end the post on: by the time my 5 am nap rolled around, I don’t remember having been awake.
I ended up waking up around 9, and thinking, “well, this’s when my next nap is, so let’s try!” Before I napped for less than another 30.

Time to write the next day’s post!

Polyphasic Sleep (Uberman) Log Day 3

So, day 3 started with a really bad indulgence of sleep.

Going to ignore that and keep putting my feet forward.  People do make mistakes on this.  I’m going to attempt a larger physical exertion after my 1PM nap today because of this.  I haven’t exercised since I started this, beyond the exertion of my normal, not-purely-for-fitness habits.

And today, I gotta mow the lawn.  I think I will after my 1PM nap.

Before my nap, I was worried I wouldn’t feel tired. But I was still quite conscious it was 1PM and was wanting to hop in bed.  I still feel like I have energy, but the appeal of a scheduled nap seems what polyphasic is supposed to encourage.

It was hard to sleep at my 1PM nap at first, but I found myself waking up halfway through, thinking I ran out of time.  Still drowsy, I fell asleep for a bit.  When waking up, I felt non-drowsy, so that was a relief.

Taking a nap and waking up drowsy is the constant scourge of this dedication.  It’s always what kept me in bed, and who savors drowsiness?

I moved on to mowing the lawn.  Didn’t get much done due to the weather, and our mower is frustrating.

Found that I was in a bit of a ‘mood’ today due to the lack of sleep. Worse, I found that I couldn’t reach any sort of dreamlike state at my 9PM nap, even when I took it at 10.  I’m beginning to feel that pushing the time of the naps is a bad idea.  While this might’ve been obvious to some other readers, I’m only now considering my circadian rhythm wanting regularity.

So, when it came to how I thought sleep would work, I had a hypothesis.  I kept thinking, “Maybe i’ll be so ready-to-sleep all the time that I can sleep at the prescheduled naps!”  That is to say, even if I’m ‘tired’, I can be awake due to the energy from REM sleep.  But I don’t think that’s likely; I think my body will be telling me, at about that time of day, time to sleep.

I think that, and I’ve felt such, too.  It’s what– day 3? And I’m already noticing 1, 5, and 9. I always glance at the clock to see when it’s next.  And when I wake up, I get to check the net and see what’s new.  Usually this means replying to a job opportunity, or a new email from one of the few sites I maintain.

I have a letter I gotta put in the post office for the mailman tomorrow.  So when am I going to do it? It was midnight, and I’m walking past the letter, and I realize: tomorrow is technically never going to come.    Tomorrow is meant for calendars and scheduling. It’s not a real thing.  Especially when you can’t make it appear after sleeping. 😛

Very drowsy. Nothing more I can think about.

Ended up trying to nap at 5 AM again, finding it difficult, but then going to bed and intending to stay awake for hours by distracting myself.  Only partially successful, as I was sleeping prior to my 9 AM nap.  Sigh.


This schedule isn’t easy, and it’s kinda grueling.  The time shift I expected to happen hasn’t happened yet, but I blame it on the really deep accidental sleeps. I imagine that, when I have progressed further, the feelings about time, my dreaming ability, and such will change.  Only time will tell.

Polyphasic Sleep (Uberman) Log Day 2

Sleep is quite alluring, by now.

Think about it– you haven’t slept well in a day or so, but you got enough to keep you running.  So, you want sleep.  And I mean full, long, deep, fulfilling and energizing sleep.

And you have to try to have that sleep. For only 30 minutes or less at a time.

So you close your eyes, hope to wander off somewhere… and me? I start trying to pay attention to how I feel. The exciting realization that when my lungs breathed in, it was an automatic reflex of relaxing, and not me for once.  Is this feeling a dream? Well, it’s not super-realistic.. Is this a dream?  could it be? Maybe..

And when you finally hit that dream, your alarm’s telling you WAKE UP.

And you wipe your eyes, look at where you are, and remember you just took your nap. And the dream you had. And you feel good about the dream.. enough to go back and have one that will make you leap from bed, not just blink.

Today, I’ve taken my naps moreso on time–without the luxury of delaying, or taking additional naps until the AM.  This morning was ‘costly’, though I’m praying it helped my perseverance, versus delayed my acclimation.

Been waking up before “the naps are over”.  Kinda hard to pinpoint, right?  How can I say a nap isn’t over just because I woke up early? I woke up. Tada.

But the longer I go, the more sleep seems like an itch I want to scratch.  I’m standing up at my desk without issue right now, so drowsiness isn’t my main worry.  But I am really looking forward to those super-satisfying power naps.

5PM nap.  Gave into a bit of daydreaminess/in and out REM until about 7PM.  What happened: I was lying there, ‘woke up’ at 5:15, drowsy, and went back to sleep. Though I think I awoke before the alarm, I woke up to the alarm as well.  And then I was ‘fighting’ sleep while trying to enjoy bed.  Kinda a bad idea, but I should give myself credit, as I swiss-cheesed that time, too.  But hey, an hour here or there won’t ruin the fact I haven’t slept more than 3 hours at any time in the past…….. 48?

My 9PM nap I had on the couch/chair; I figure it makes it easier to truly ‘nap’, versus entitle myself to a whole bed.  Barely remember whether or not I had REM sleep.  Groggy right after getting up.

My 1AM nap helped a little, but I still feel like my eyes are watering, begging to be closed or to suffer dimmer light. Sigh.

And I managed to make it to my 5AM nap.  Only to continue it past its 5:30 interruption and into 10 AM.  So, AKA, overslept in bed again.

This isn’t easy.   I’m still feeling like I want to sleep, too.  I have that heavy lidded feeling, but my body feels like it just woke up.  It’s such a conflict. :/

Well, I’ll still take my naps. If I don’t sleep for one, the next nap’ll help.  I think I might sleep in bed when I have no company–that way, I don’t feel as bad about the alarms.

Readers welcome. Oh, wait, I meant, "Welcome, readers!"