Wacom Tablet – Shaky, Shaking, Wobbly, Jittery, Jitters, Parkinsons, the mouse cursor shakes.

EDIT MAY 17, 2010:

I added a new test environment for Linux down there.  After doing this, it appears that it’s the HARDWARE causing the problem.  Ubuntu 10.04 is not likely using the same Wacom drivers as Windows.  So, I’m going to test rebooting without the other monitors connected and update this post in a bit.

EDIT:  June 16th, 2010

ASUS gave me a replacement motherboard for the problem.. but the problem still exists.  So I’m running out of things to consider… The Power Supply?  I think someone else’s post about the power supply could be right..

I’ll keep everyone updated about the replacement Power Supply I’ll be getting.

If you’re ANYTHING like me, you are FRUSTRATED (to say the least) if your cursor shakes when using the Wacom Tablet pen.

So, I decided that it’d be best if I had an extensive index of EVERYTHING I’ve tried to do to get mine to work.

My Symptoms:

While hovering the pen above the tablet pad, the cursor shakes WILDLY. While hovering the pen just above the surface (and resting my hand on the pad), my hand does not shake but the cursor does.
The same happens for the Wacom Mouse.

Placing my pen right at the surface causes the tablet pen to do anything from waver about once per second to five times per second.

The biggest symptom: drawing a diagonal line creates an obviously wavy line. (This is different from a naturally curvy line that would be created from your hand movement.)
This has happened between two different PCs, so I am the definition of frustrated.

My CURRENT, MAIN PC’s Hardware and Software:

Software (Found to be later irrelevant):  Windows Vista 7, 64 bit, Ultimate.


Similarities to old PC: None, review info below:


My Comparison Device:

I have a Compaq Presario R3000 running Windows XP and the not-necessarily Newest Wacom drivers. It doesn’t wobble, and MAN can you tell the difference in drawing.

The Best Solution

NO SOLUTION YET. Well, isn’t THAT nice? 😐


34 thoughts on “Wacom Tablet – Shaky, Shaking, Wobbly, Jittery, Jitters, Parkinsons, the mouse cursor shakes.”

  1. I had this problem as well with an intuos 2. When I called support they enlightened me to the fact that the tablet itself uses radio to communicate between the tablet and pen/mouse. If something… anything producing a frquency close enough to that of the tablet is strong enough to interfere with the communication between the two, you will likely get a shake. the fact that your control environment did not have the shake, implies a likely candidate is close to the computer you are trying to use it with. Did you try turning off the wireless router altogether? If that does it, you can usually change the channel on the router to solve the problem. CRT displays are another likely candidate, but in that case you just need to pull the tablet further from the display. What ended up being my case was that the power supply in the computer I was using was not properly grounded and was the culprit all along. I replaced the powe rsupply (probably more than I needed to do, but I wanted to be absolutely certain) and the tablet worked like a champ. When I complained about all the hoops I had to jump through, they pointed out that the FCC regulations state that the no redio device can be made impervious to interference… something Big Brother like, but I don’t know the details.

  2. My Intuos 3 worked fine under Vista and now under Windows 7. Have you called the customer service people at Wacom?I have found them to be really good.

  3. I am having this same problem…..

    I just upgraded to Windows 7 to get rid of another tablet pen bug, and now this happens… WTF!!!!!

    Keep me posted on any updates, I am going to email Wacom directly with this issue, and see what they have to say.

  4. I was having the same problem and I’m pretty sure its simply a issue of the ratio between the tablet and your monitor. I was using a Intuos Medium with my 30 monitor and that was probably 2.5x relationship thus accuracy went to hell.

  5. @Seen this as well
    Two things: If it didn’t shake on the control PC, not sure how disabling teh wireless internet’d interfere. Re: CRT Display: It shook with and without the display. I have new power supplies between PCs, but checking for proper grounds might be a valid point.

  6. @Michael T
    Called, but it’s hard to get support when the Intuos 3’s serial sticker can’t keep the serial information from wearing out.
    I’ve tried online, and got a bit of a response a year ago, but this year I didn’t get any. 😐 Thanks for your comment!

  7. @Seen this as well

    Thank you so much!! I didn’t know my problem was so simple, I moved the loadspeakers from their place and it works! I’m so happy!

  8. hello, I just got this problem after upgrading to windows 7, i was using windows 7 rc before and everything was fine..

    the radio interference is a very likely problem for me because I live close to some kind of transmitting tower, i get signals all the time in my fender electric guitar amplifier, strong enough to hear full sentences that appear to come from police radios.

    If this is the problem I can’t understand why i wasn’t getting the shaking in my old installation of windows 7.

  9. i had EXACTLY the same problem and tried nearly EVERYTHING you list. i was about to smash my bamboo into something hard or sharp to get it over with. all i can do is tell you how i resolved my problem: the problem was the \dvb t receiver\ (i believe ATSC in america) in the other corner of the room. i systematically disconnected every electronic object in the room till the jitter and shake disappeared. even if you think there couldn`t be anything interfering with your tablet, try it! hope this helps

  10. I have a Graphire Wireless with jitters and my diagnosis points to the power cord that charges the battery. The DC tip got destroyed by the dog, and, rather than order a new adapter, I fashioned a new one out of other parts so I could charge my tablet.

    I can’t use the tablet while it’s charging anymore because the RF interference from my hobofied AC Adapter causes so much jitter. I should just break down and order a brand new official one without electrical tape wrapped all over it.

    That’s my take on it, look at the cord connecting your tablet to the PC or other device. If you’ve got a USB hub that you go through, that might be the culprit. Maybe the USB cable itself has started dying a slow death and is causing some unclean signal.

  11. I finaly found a solution to this that worked, yay! I can’t remember where I found it and therefore I can’t even credit the right person – sorry whoever you are!
    But what worked for me was:
    Go to Controlpanel -> Wacom Tablet Proporties. On the top in that window it says “Tablet:” and then an icon with the name of your Wacom model. Double click that icon and choose “Standard Mode” instead of “Recognition Data” under Tablet Mode. Press OK – and voila!!! :o)

    I hope it works for all of you as well.

  12. Thank you, Tanja! I was having the same problem, and it’s such an easy fix. My mouse cursor isn’t shaking anymore. 😀

  13. I am having this problem with the bamboo as well. I am starting to wounder is it is b/c of scartches on the pad its self. :(

  14. You could try something like this in a shell:

    xsetwacom set ‘Wacom BambooFun 2FG 4×5 Pen’ ‘RawSample’ 16

    It’s seemingly workaround, not a fix.

    Best regards,

  15. Same problem with Wacom Intuos4!

    Why does Wacom(software?) or Apple(system?) have no answer for this!?
    (reading the reply’s and answer on my mail…)

    Today total new fresh installation of a new MacPro 8-Core (2 x 2.4 GHz Quad-Core intel Xeon and 32Gb. 1066 Mhz DDR3). OS X-10.6.6.

    Directly afther first startup, installation of latest version of WacomTablet_6.1.6-4.

    But still the shaking mouse point (Photoshop, Safari every scrollbar, or place on the desktop)!
    Few places on the screen it doesn’t shake…,

    Somebody has a solution!??

  16. Side by side pc toshiba laptop win 7 new macbook pro ox 10.6 both got the shakes – maybe they are detoxing
    wish i could help but only frustration – it use to be a great tool – seems like the manufacturer should be able to make a software solution so we could set the sensitivity so i would not move without a large or real pen move – let me chose by pixel

  17. Having the same problem with my Intuos3 and my HP Laptop running Windows 7. Jitters wildly and throws off lines when the tablet is close to my laptop and the pen gets anywhere near it. Insane frustrating and apparently nothing can be done, as lots of electronics use the same frequencies. Best solution so far was to sit a bit away or to put a book under my tablet pad (I have no idea why this helps).

  18. The problem is usually because of interference, RF or electromagnetic – both seem to be possible sources.

    First you need to identify the source – wireless router? computer? Other USB peripherals? speaker magnets? nearby appliances? Unplug everything, move your tabet around the room, see what makes a difference. If you can’t figure it out, it could be your body.

    In my case, it was MYSELF – touching the tablet gave my cursor the shakes, which were worst when my pen was near where I was holding the device.

    I’m still trying to figure out how to eliminate this particular source of interference, since I can’t very well draw without touching the tablet, and a static grounding wrist strap (used for PC hardware repair) does not help at all.
    Also wondering why it is occurring because I used the tablet for 2+ years before the shakes started, so moving into a new apt is likely related somehow.

  19. I’ve been investigating this for a while. I have a Bamboo Fun, and recently moved, when the shaky cursor started. My father is an electrical engineer, so he’s helping me figure it out, but need to try a few more things to pinpoint it exactly.

    As you probably already know, cursor shaking is caused by RF interference. The source of this can be another electrical or radio device; CRT monitors, power supplies, and wireless routers seem to be common culprits.

    But what if you can’t find the source? I have the experience where *I* am the apparent source of interference: having either hand close to or touching the tablet causes shaking to increase from ALMOST gone to wild jumps. Unfortunately, it’s kind of hard to draw without having at least one hand within 4 inches of the device.

    If you’re experiencing this, then it means that your body has become an antenna. You’re probably picking up the 60 cycle hum, or “mains hum” (Wiki it) – the same thing that makes your amplified speaker go “brrrrrrt” when you touch the bare end of its wire.

    So the question is, what is the real original source, and how do you eliminate it?

    In my case, I suspect that my old building doesn’t have a good grounding, because the tablet problem happens identically on multiple computers in multiple locations of the house. I’m trying the tablet at my office tomorrow. But if the source is the house wiring itself, or something critical like the fridge, not much I can do about it.

    Solving is also still a dilemma. Cover myself in tin foil? Build a Faraday cage (Wiki) around my computer desk? Rewire my house? I’m going to see if I can find any other single appliance that’s the source of it, and if not, I’ll just hope that a tablet with a different frequency (Intuos have a higher frequency than Bamboo) will be a good replacement. I also suspect that the Bamboo is more susceptible to degrading over time, and a firmware or hardware update might help – but I’ve yet to try Wacom customer service, since it seems that they’re pretty hands-off for this specific, nebulous problem. Though I do wish that the Bamboo, like the Intuos or Cintiq, had a changeable setting for the frequency that it communicates with the pen and/or computer.

    Though I still haven’t solved the problem for myself, I hope that my story helps others to solve their interference problem!

  20. Try a new USB cord. Had terrible trouble until I tried one, and now, no jitters!

  21. Well, having had the Wacom wobble start as of yesterday I read all of the above, wondered what had changed, and unplugged a Tascam recorder that I’d put on recharge via the USB cable. And guess what – no more wobble. Thank you to everyone who came before me for their diagnosis! :-)

  22. I had this same problem, and it turns out that I was holding the tablet against my laptop for support while drawing! I know it seems simple, but make sure that the tablet is not in contact with the machine! I never had this problem with my old laptop, but this new one must affect it differently.

  23. I have the bamboo Craft Pen and Touch. I just got a new Toshiba laptop. Now I’ve been having the shaky mouse problem for two days now. I realized that when I put my tablet on the keyboard on my laptop, the mouse shakes making it impossible to draw. I use to draw with the tablet on the keyboard of my old laptop so I didn’t even think that was the problem. When I moved the tablet off of my keyboard, it works fine again.

  24. I have a new Art Master tablet. I tried yesterday at office and it’s working flawlessly.
    Now at home, it’s shaky when I hover the pen (but stable when I touched the pen to the surface).

    I thought it’s only mine, so wacoms do too?

    Tried switching off any rf device, routers and wireless gamepad, including any other USB devices was not helpful. Should those peripherals be moved away?

  25. It was the cable I used in my case. Problem solved! Intous tablets are rock solid. Try different cables and different devices one by one and you’ll get to the problem eventually.

    Rf is truly to blame.

  26. Mine was also working flawlessly at my office but not my home which is how i knew the actual tablet was not at fault! an expensive cable i though would be good, was not! i tested a ferw others which simply failed to power the wacom and after 5 different ones i found one that worked as good as the one it came with(in the office) i assume if you have a lot of stuff that causes interference you’ll need a more shielded cable.

  27. I don’t know if it helps, but my tablet wobbles chronically in old 2.0 ports/ports with low power/port extensions, but is fine in recently made ones.

  28. I just had this problem. My board was connected via an USB-hub. I first tried changing to another port on the hub, but it didn’t improve. But when I connected to a port directly on the computer, the shakes disappeared.
    It is strange, because I have had the board connected via the hub for years without any problem.

  29. I know this post is old, but it came up near the top of a Google search for me about this exact problem, so I wanted to share my solution.

    For me, the problem was caused by another wired device on the same USB hub (a mouse). I assume either the cable I was using, or the hub itself, is not properly shielded, and was causing interference. Unplugging the mouse solved the problem immediately.

    Best of luck to everyone else!

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