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Swag at PAX East 2012 (Pre-Game notes)

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

Hey, here’s a bit of information on the PAX East swag I’m aware of, before I go:

(Last updated: April 5th, 2012:  4:40PM EDT

(Still constructing, but posting for now.)



What does “Be Yourself” mean? What does “Love Yourself” mean? Stop beating yourself up.

Sunday, July 24th, 2011

Hey everyone,
Wrote this for someone at a site I visit.
I don’t know how many of you will appreciate this post. However, I hope some may see this as a spark of inspiration.

The topic:: “If I’m a terrible person, who’s cynical, a wall-flower, and destined for mediocrity, how can I succeed? I’d need to be someone else. What does ‘being yourself’ really mean? I can’t be myself.”

(PS, there’s maybe one or two people who might benefit from this. I’m likely to link them here… No offense. I like you, and I fear you may still have the fears suggested below. So.. I want you to hear this uplifting speech I wrote.. )

My post:


Whole30 – Day 6.

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

Hey, everybody.  Long time no speak.  Today, I’m going to cover a radical 30-day purge diet I’m on.

It’s called the Whole30.

What is it?

From all I’ve read, it sounds like a way to clear the dust clouding your food eating habits.  I think in some places it said such like, “Rediscover your emotional connection to food.”  Some pages on the site talk about how people would eat when they weren’t hungry, or craved foods in large binges.  Moreso, that we have an emotional connection to food that is indeniable.

Oh man. I want that CheeseSteak donut.   ... or do I?

Looking back on this photo, I can imagine how the donut'd taste. However, how it LOOKS.... Feels different. Doesn't feel 'good'. Feels sterile in a way.

Ergo, they’ve introduced this plan to basically wipe your diet clean of most of the things that we turn to when it comes to emotional satisfaction.

An example is a few days ago, when I went to Donna’s Donuts in Tewksbury, MA.  When I was there, the thought of how delicious and sweet the food would be appealed to me.  However, looking at the image now… it feels more like disgusting.  Maybe it’s because a picture has no smell?

As far as my health has gone, I feel a bit less tired when I get a good night’s sleep.  I think I have a bit more energy, too.

But I also have to whizz on the electric fence a ton.  Way more than I’d expect.  I have no idea why..

Something I’ve also learned so far is that I am still new to the idea of “planning ahead” for meals.  I just can’t go somewhere without food to eat if I can’t eat.

However, something I found is that my girlfriend and I are having even more fun cooking together.  I think she felt the same way I did– that cooking with each other was more fun than ‘a chore’, and it felt good to eat together from a meal we cooperated on.

I’d say it’s almost easy to ignore sweet food, because I cannot rely upon it for quick food. Before, I’d look at it and think, “Ohhh.. that’d taste delicious.”  and at the same time, I’d think, “Wow, I’m hungry. I need something to eat to avoid committing to the work of cooking.” Now that I cannot avoid the work of cooking, and I cannot eat sweets.. I can see them, and know I can’t eat them.. but that’s it.  No pangs of loss.

I started my diet by a visit to Whole Foods.  I was confident that they would have the most of what the “Whole30″ recommended.  After walking out $125 poorer, I hoped that this diet of ‘high quality food’ wouldn’t hurt my spending room… (Alternatively, I only got one body. Why would I mistreat it with bad fuel?  ARG, dilemmas.) My diet, so far, has consisted highly of the ‘filberts’ (Chestnuts? no idea), coconut flakes, and avocados.  Other things include whatever vegetables I can stomach, like spinach, asparagus, and broccoli.  I’m not a fan of arugula, since it’s got too much of a kick for me.. but maybe I’ll like the taste someday.

I read at their blog, recently, making me reconsider if the Whole30 is a plan, but not necessarily a diet for the rest of our lives.  I think they state as such, but maybe you’d know?


Well, I’ve got less than four weeks left.  I’ll let you know how I feel whenever I can.

“Join us Online” – The Daily Show transcending ‘Show’

Friday, September 17th, 2010

Jon Stewart is a popular TV Pundit, whether he likes it or not.  Because of this, media networks and politicians alike want to be represented in the chair Stewart interviews every night.  Of growing importance on The Daily Show featuring Jon Stewart is Stewart’s extended interviews.  On CNN or Fox, if there’s not enough time to continue a conversation, the last few words are where it lies.

Likewise, Jon finds himself in similar situations with his interviewees– what to do with a rare and valuable guest, or how to end a worthwhile conversation?

The Daily Show ignores that question.  Why stop there?  Asking that assumes that shows have to fit into time constraints.  The Daily Show continues the interview and posts the result online.

Imagine that for a moment– additional information for people who want it and are aware of its existence.  Jon and his staff’s inclusion of “Watch the Extended Interview Online” in either verbal or screen caption form has amazing implications.

For one, I (and I assume many) of The Daily Show’s audience is savvy enough to watch the reruns online.  That means that instead of leaving the episode right there, I’m brought to the website for the additional interaction and advertisement.  The conversion and push to watch online is incredible, and strengthens The Daily Show’s website for the additional and unique content.  Can you imagine having this pull?

Imagine popular sitcoms having additional content online, such as scenes that were cut, but still exist within the show’s universe.  Imagine interviews that can continue and be archived or streamed online from a news broadcast.  Imagine The Price Is Right having an online component as well.

It’s rare to find innovation when it comes to network or cable television.  That’s why The Daily Show’s subtle and powerful extension into the online market should be grasped and appreciated for what it truly is:  a stroke of brilliance.  At this pace, Jon would be able to advertise additional content on the internet, additional fan interaction, and bring The Daily Show’s website to be a valuable hub for its target demographics.

Liquor Review – Apple Cyzer Mead – Green River Ambrosia

Friday, May 14th, 2010
It's.. Ok... Maybe needed more time to age...

It's.. Ok... Maybe needed more time to age...

Whew!  I think this mead’s vintage is 2009, at least.  I think it might’ve needed a few more years of time to age/smooth out.  Not sure.

The first taste is sooo bitter and acidic.  I can taste the apple, of course.  There’s so much apple taste that you can barely taste the honey.  After a few sips, the dry/burn in the mouth subsides a bit.

Ouch. Ouch.  This may be fine if you like exceedingly dry and bitey wines.  Maybe it just needed to age some time?  That’s probably it…  Not likely buying this in the future.

You may not be slacking off as badly as you think. (Procrastination)

Saturday, February 6th, 2010

What is a procrastinator?

What is an incubator?

Yes, mentions that some ‘procrastinators’ may actually be ‘incubators’– people who produce great work, but only at the last moment… Versus procrastinators, who never cared in the first place.

Sprint Hero plan VS Droid Eris

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

I took a look at the Sprint Hero, and finally got one.


  • It has its slow moments.  Sometimes, I type so fast that the keyboard can’t keep up, even when the phone is doing nothing.
  • Some applications you download can stay on constantly, draining the battery, even if you aren’t using them.  (EG: See the UStream application.  Great in theory, bad in practice?)
  • It has its slow moments more frequently than you’d desire.  Sometimes, I hit the phone-hangup button to stop the sleep display on the phone, and I have to wait at least half a second for it to show up.  This can be a problem when it doesn’t show up for seconds, and then you hit the same button just to make sure it’s working.  If you dot hat, when the phone DOES come back, the display will light up–and then immediately disappear because you DID hit the ‘turn off display’ button twice.

I think it’s worth my investment, however, and I’ll let you know how pleased I am by the end of the… ack. Two year contract :p

$80 per month is affordable, however.  I’ve had this for at least a week, and have only used 24 minutes out of 450… Either I don’t call landlines enough, or I picked an amazing plan for my phone.

Be back later– I plan to make an intellectual post on How to discipline yourself, what habits to create to get yourself discipline, and what has inspired this need for it with me.

What does Sprint’s EPRP mean? Also: Sprint Hero

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

EPRP means “Everything Plus Referral Program”.

I read a comment at the DROID ERIS for Verizon post at Engadget that talked about an affordable plan with Sprint’s Hero SmartPhone, which is essentially HTC’s Droid Eris.

If/when I switch to this plan/phone, I”ll let you know. I currently don’t get to leave my computer a lot, so if I plan on going out sometime, I think I’ll get the phone.

Vibram Five Fingers helped me DDR

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009
Awesome for DDRing.  Meet my shoes!

Awesome for DDRing. Meet my shoes!

Vibram Five-Fingers have helped my DDR fatigue almost dissipate.

The following pictures are from the third time I played in them, completing a DDR Supernova stage. I haven’t played in 3 months, so I SHOULD be out of shape, and I SHOULD be getting leg fatigue.. but I wasn’t.

So, a bit about me.  I heard about these from Dylan a, as well as from a Google Ad while checking my Gmail.  I was afraid that they’d hurt my feet, but not so.

7825520 on Supernova ONI

7825520 on Supernova ONI

WHAT a score  My feet didn’t hurt, my legs feel fine!  I normally practice DDRing for a long time– three credits.  Normally, I’d be exhausted halfway into my DDR Oni mode.  however, not this time.  I was shocked– the KSOs still felt great.  My feet didn’t feel sweaty at all.

My score on the left isn’t great, but what can I do? bah humbug.

Anyways, I plan on wearing these to as many DDR workout sessions as possible.

Final picture: Woburn skyline!

From the Bowladrome/municipal parking!

From the Bowladrome/municipal parking!

E-Week says Multitasking causes a loss in ability to multitask?

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

This article published by E-Week, “Multitasking a Minefield for the Mind, Report Says” seems to bode ill tidings for our new technology.

How can we manage ourselves and our distractions? Is there a way to get good at it as a child? Does this lead to ADD being a beneficial condition or an even more negative condition?

I’d love to hear more about this story. Until then, take a look above.