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Polyphasic Sleep (uberman) day 13-15

The past few days, I still took naps, but a dominant sleep period has been creeping in.

Day 14 morning, slept in bed with loved one at 3, only to wake up later on, around 9. The times seem to be in six hours? Like day 15 morning, napped on the couch at 4:40am, but found myself sleeping until 10.

Day 13, I took a car trip that left me awake most of the day. No naps. Day 14, mowed the lawn. Nap somewhere in there. Day 15, a revised resume design. No naps. So, essentially, busy for most of these days. However, I always worked through my breaks, and now naps seem necessary, but not trusted to go deep enough.

Getting sicker of bad foods, but this sleep schedule failure has left me physically beat. Can only manage about 20 minutes of exercise per day, and no Tabata intervals nor yoga.  Yoga seems worth it, so I’ll try that.

Polyphasic Sleep (Uberman) Log 8, 9, 10

After the trip, I’ll mention the following:


  • The desire for naps at the scheduled times always came on.  But I passed through them.  Instead, I did have a longer-term of sleep at night.  However, my sleep period was shorter by an hour or so; going to bed by about 1/2, and waking by 8, I think.
  • The desire for healthier food lingered, and I ate less of crappier food.
  • I found myself groggy and exanimate due to the fuller sleep schedules. This went away after awhile, since I might nap elsewhere in the day.  Until then, it’s like my body thinks there’s something awry to the long rest.  Yet, I did not over-sleep, but took a nap or two at night. It’s almost as if I divided my sleep schedule into bi-phasic, or tri-phasic.
  • Staying up later puts a bit more duress upon me, but I can handle it better.  I ended up staying up until 6 AM on my return night home, despite the craziness of the trip.  Got home and didn’t take a 1/2 AM nap since  we got home too late.  Can’t remember when I got up, since I am now editing this a day later.
  • Getting home, still having difficulty staying up and taking the naps. Realizing I need to pay better attention to the time, and stop working on things ‘just a few more minutes’.  Might consider using a pomodoro timer.
  • I really feel like I can sleep less, though.



Polyphasic Sleep (Uberman) Log Day 5

So, as I mentioned at the end of log day 4, another crappy end to the night’s schedule.  But, I was getting poor naps throughout the day due to my previous lengthy excursions to dreamland :x. Maybe. Hard to tell.

Went out to see a movie today. Was hard to stay awake for a part of it, so napped a little. Took a few naps during the day, too.

Wish I had more to say. Had a few interesting dreams worth remembering, but since I didn’t write them down… ‘u’; I think I have a few memory stragglers, though.

I think I ended up going to sleep around 5 and waking up at 9. I felt pretty lucid, but still REM-y and wanted to sleep again.

Polyphasic Sleep (Uberman) Log Day 4

I went to bed at 5:30 AM, after my 5:00 AM nap attempt. Didn’t sleep as well as I’d like, but felt ‘awake’ enough.  Felt weird about not sleeping in bed, so laid in bed and tried to distract myself with Twitch Plays Pokemon and emails.

My energy level was kinda stable, but always on the decrease throughout the day. My naps didn’t produce much REM sleep, mostly because I felt ‘aware’ throughout most of my attempt to sleep.

Getting tired as the day went on; felt a bit difficult to manage my words.  Managed to get a bit of grocery shopping done, finished an update to my website, queue some updates to another website… Man, I didn’t realize how much I was working on.

Entertained my sister. Hoping she’s OK.

Didn’t get much sleep at my 1 am nap, so I figure I might need to be truly sleep deprived before I can cause the ability to drop into dreams.

Worse news to end the post on: by the time my 5 am nap rolled around, I don’t remember having been awake.
I ended up waking up around 9, and thinking, “well, this’s when my next nap is, so let’s try!” Before I napped for less than another 30.

Time to write the next day’s post!

Polyphasic Sleep (Uberman) Log Day 3

So, day 3 started with a really bad indulgence of sleep.

Going to ignore that and keep putting my feet forward.  People do make mistakes on this.  I’m going to attempt a larger physical exertion after my 1PM nap today because of this.  I haven’t exercised since I started this, beyond the exertion of my normal, not-purely-for-fitness habits.

And today, I gotta mow the lawn.  I think I will after my 1PM nap.

Before my nap, I was worried I wouldn’t feel tired. But I was still quite conscious it was 1PM and was wanting to hop in bed.  I still feel like I have energy, but the appeal of a scheduled nap seems what polyphasic is supposed to encourage.

It was hard to sleep at my 1PM nap at first, but I found myself waking up halfway through, thinking I ran out of time.  Still drowsy, I fell asleep for a bit.  When waking up, I felt non-drowsy, so that was a relief.

Taking a nap and waking up drowsy is the constant scourge of this dedication.  It’s always what kept me in bed, and who savors drowsiness?

I moved on to mowing the lawn.  Didn’t get much done due to the weather, and our mower is frustrating.

Found that I was in a bit of a ‘mood’ today due to the lack of sleep. Worse, I found that I couldn’t reach any sort of dreamlike state at my 9PM nap, even when I took it at 10.  I’m beginning to feel that pushing the time of the naps is a bad idea.  While this might’ve been obvious to some other readers, I’m only now considering my circadian rhythm wanting regularity.

So, when it came to how I thought sleep would work, I had a hypothesis.  I kept thinking, “Maybe i’ll be so ready-to-sleep all the time that I can sleep at the prescheduled naps!”  That is to say, even if I’m ‘tired’, I can be awake due to the energy from REM sleep.  But I don’t think that’s likely; I think my body will be telling me, at about that time of day, time to sleep.

I think that, and I’ve felt such, too.  It’s what– day 3? And I’m already noticing 1, 5, and 9. I always glance at the clock to see when it’s next.  And when I wake up, I get to check the net and see what’s new.  Usually this means replying to a job opportunity, or a new email from one of the few sites I maintain.

I have a letter I gotta put in the post office for the mailman tomorrow.  So when am I going to do it? It was midnight, and I’m walking past the letter, and I realize: tomorrow is technically never going to come.    Tomorrow is meant for calendars and scheduling. It’s not a real thing.  Especially when you can’t make it appear after sleeping. 😛

Very drowsy. Nothing more I can think about.

Ended up trying to nap at 5 AM again, finding it difficult, but then going to bed and intending to stay awake for hours by distracting myself.  Only partially successful, as I was sleeping prior to my 9 AM nap.  Sigh.


This schedule isn’t easy, and it’s kinda grueling.  The time shift I expected to happen hasn’t happened yet, but I blame it on the really deep accidental sleeps. I imagine that, when I have progressed further, the feelings about time, my dreaming ability, and such will change.  Only time will tell.

Polyphasic Sleep (Uberman) Log Day 2

Sleep is quite alluring, by now.

Think about it– you haven’t slept well in a day or so, but you got enough to keep you running.  So, you want sleep.  And I mean full, long, deep, fulfilling and energizing sleep.

And you have to try to have that sleep. For only 30 minutes or less at a time.

So you close your eyes, hope to wander off somewhere… and me? I start trying to pay attention to how I feel. The exciting realization that when my lungs breathed in, it was an automatic reflex of relaxing, and not me for once.  Is this feeling a dream? Well, it’s not super-realistic.. Is this a dream?  could it be? Maybe..

And when you finally hit that dream, your alarm’s telling you WAKE UP.

And you wipe your eyes, look at where you are, and remember you just took your nap. And the dream you had. And you feel good about the dream.. enough to go back and have one that will make you leap from bed, not just blink.

Today, I’ve taken my naps moreso on time–without the luxury of delaying, or taking additional naps until the AM.  This morning was ‘costly’, though I’m praying it helped my perseverance, versus delayed my acclimation.

Been waking up before “the naps are over”.  Kinda hard to pinpoint, right?  How can I say a nap isn’t over just because I woke up early? I woke up. Tada.

But the longer I go, the more sleep seems like an itch I want to scratch.  I’m standing up at my desk without issue right now, so drowsiness isn’t my main worry.  But I am really looking forward to those super-satisfying power naps.

5PM nap.  Gave into a bit of daydreaminess/in and out REM until about 7PM.  What happened: I was lying there, ‘woke up’ at 5:15, drowsy, and went back to sleep. Though I think I awoke before the alarm, I woke up to the alarm as well.  And then I was ‘fighting’ sleep while trying to enjoy bed.  Kinda a bad idea, but I should give myself credit, as I swiss-cheesed that time, too.  But hey, an hour here or there won’t ruin the fact I haven’t slept more than 3 hours at any time in the past…….. 48?

My 9PM nap I had on the couch/chair; I figure it makes it easier to truly ‘nap’, versus entitle myself to a whole bed.  Barely remember whether or not I had REM sleep.  Groggy right after getting up.

My 1AM nap helped a little, but I still feel like my eyes are watering, begging to be closed or to suffer dimmer light. Sigh.

And I managed to make it to my 5AM nap.  Only to continue it past its 5:30 interruption and into 10 AM.  So, AKA, overslept in bed again.

This isn’t easy.   I’m still feeling like I want to sleep, too.  I have that heavy lidded feeling, but my body feels like it just woke up.  It’s such a conflict. :/

Well, I’ll still take my naps. If I don’t sleep for one, the next nap’ll help.  I think I might sleep in bed when I have no company–that way, I don’t feel as bad about the alarms.

Polyphasic Sleep (Uberman) Day 1

So, first, the last 24 hours.

Scratching my face accidentally hooks my finger in my lip.  Lying in bed for nap #5 sets me there in and out multiple times an hour after #5’s already been successful.  But this tiredness got better as the naps came by.

I can tell when I ‘should’ wake up, and it’s basically when my attempt at sleeping feels like the idea/dream has an ‘end’.  Usually that ‘end’ feels like I just completed an idea, even if I’m so groggy that remembering anything that might be REM is difficult.  Maybe I should write something down when I wake up.

Covering from then to now:

I took my first nap ASAP after I committed, since it was a bit after 9 and I thought I could start right away.  Getting into REM sleep was nigh-impossible, but sleeping was available; I mean, who doesn’t sleep at dark, when you’re tired, in the beginning of the late night?  Batman.

Didn’t bring much energy like all the post-acclimation naps, of course.  But I feel like I managed to stay up better due to these naps, so it’s really my REM failures.  Laid in the lounge chair I was already in to pass out.

Rest two took place soon after, at 1 AM. (I’m intending 1, 5, and 9 for my AM/PM Uberman naps)  It was hard to work due to being tired as normal by this time.  However, the nap continued to push me forward.  The living room was dimly lit, which made working hard.  I couldn’t adjust the light levels; I had company in my living room sleep. :)

After that nap, though, my girlfriend went to bed and I remained awake.  I turned on the lights, tried caring more about TwitchPlaysPokemon, cleaning up the area I was in, reading emails on my phone.. I got most of this done, but knowing I would be awake all night made the weight of “fill this activity” heavy.  Steve advised the same thing, and it’s no wonder: if you jump from 8 hours of sleep per day to 4, you’re essentially adding 4 hours of time every day that you’ll remember stuff.  So activity is a must, haha.  Luckily, I got a lot to do. B)

Besides the urpiness my intestines were suffering, I started writing; that post you saw before. Woo! Every little bit counts. :)  After that, I ran to bed for my 3 AM nap, and woke again.  I was really glad my watch vibrates for the alarms I set it; I don’t want to wake up everybody with me.

I started organizing a whole bunch of documents I hadn’t gotten a chance to; old employment, insurances, my old car, and more.  I took my 5 AM nap during my work, and picked up where I left off. Drawers I hadn’t needed to open in a year got their contents opened, reviewed, filled out.  (Other stuff I had to do was after getting my life in order, at least this early in the AM.)

Afterwards, my girlfriend was about to awaken– and that mystical feeling that Steven mentioned came up.  When I started thinking how far ahead about this, I realized how little I might be sleeping in the bed.  How my side of the bed might not smell like me. (Details, details.)  Moreover, I realized that I intended to be doing this ‘for now on.’   The idea of ‘night’ was gone.  That feeling creeped in just gently.

My naps weren’t spectacular. The first ones were good as mentioned, the later ones, not so.

Worse? Once my 9AM nap came around, I overslept after failing to get out of bed.  I was in and out of awareness, waking after almost each thought, hm..   So yeah, an hour of cheesecloth.  Though, at my 1 PM nap, I felt the ‘dream’ state a bit better.  I even remembered my dreams/daydreams.

As my 5PM nap rolled around, the temperature things that Steve mentioned came up earlier–I often get cold and a runny nose when sleep deprived. :/

Weirdly enough, I had a lot more emotional energy than I normally have. Each time I took a nap, I felt like, “this is the time to recuperate” about it since I’d have to wait 4 hours for more, right?  I didn’t imagine that I’d wake up with fresher eyes about everything.

My 1 AM nap wasn’t very successful, though. I began pushing naps back by an hour already, and I’ve read so much no-nos about that.  I didn’t realize it’d be an issue until I hop in bed at 3 for my 1 AM nap, and woke up at 6:30.  This is with the help of my girlfriend–I didn’t take it seriously, but articles about the Uberman sleep pattern say that people need help acclimating.  Human alarms, that is 😛

She said I was snoring–that’s totally out of character for me.  I’ll save you the quip about being some sort of black hole of rest.

But I woke up in some surreal mental state.  Kinda like…  I’ve been awake for a lot of time. I haven’t even realized I could keep track of it, but it’s a while.  Getting a 2/3 hour splurgefest of rest in the middle of it didn’t hurt, but I woke up feeling unreal about this whole experiment.  Imagine waking up from a dream wherein you were awake “for what seemed like days.”

And now, it’s the beginning of day two.  My first nap is coming up (9 AM).  Already sending emails out, updating websites, paying bills, etc.

Trying Polyphasic Sleep: Foreword

What to do with all this free time?  Well, ‘all this’ being what’s left over after a third of our lives is spent asleep.  Yes, I’m recently unemployed, and busy finding a new place to fit in for me in the world.  What else can I do amidst the search?  Improve my life by trying new things, and one of them is getting less sleep.

You didn’t hear that wrong–but you’d get the joke if you knew polyphasic sleep already.

The idea is kinda like an expansion upon the ‘siesta’ culture.  It turns out that for every brief nap you take that has REM sleep, it cuts off more time you need to lie there and do other things besides REM sleep.  This idea taken to its extreme is the “Uberman” schedule of naps that is easy. And crazy.  Well, I say that because you take 6 brief naps to replace the ‘standard’ one of eight hours.

Steve Pavlina, a writer whose blog I’m dropping in on occasionally–I’m not a big talker, haha–tackled Polyphasic sleep quite before today.  The “Uberman” schedule, specifically.  There were many topics his trial covered, but of interest to me–of course–includes the realm of the mind and dreams.  (Maybe now you’ve spied the ‘new age’ category. Trust me, I don’t often recognize how slapdash I learn about things. B)

Turns out that Steve gained a lot of skills and talents from this–besides understanding a new flow of time beyond ‘sunrise and sunset’.  He mentioned that he remembered his dreams better, had more energy, and found lucid dreaming easier.

Ding ding ding, what did I hear?  A way to not only enter the dream state easily and on command, but the ability to handle dreaming better?  Let me be specific about the term ‘lucid’ here, too: that I could recognize I’m dreaming, while I dream, and steer them towards fantastical ends?

Artists and people I respect have tended to their dreams, using lucid dreaming or other ways to hear their subconscious.  As you can imagine, it’s a fool’s errand to attempt to understand the “true” meaning of our dreams–sometimes your mom will just interrupt everything, Mom.

(Just kidding, I love you, Mom.)

But our dreams affect us nonetheless.  For dreams that were clear and powerful, I wake with the same emotions my dream inspired.  This isn’t frequent, for me, and hasn’t happened in awhile.  I’ve always tried to gain control over my ability to ‘start sleeping’, and I’ve made progress lately.  I want more, though, and now I have the time.

I expect to maybe try this out for a few weeks–as Steve notes, he gives up his new schedule after too much social disconnect.  Heck, my loved one is in bed right now, and it’s hard to ignore the siren call of trust’s intimacy… much less a comfy bed.  When I began this path, I had no idea how alluring the bed can be.  Alas, half hour or less naps for me.

I plan on keeping y’all updated on this.

Especially since I’m going to have a few more hours free.  Every day.

Yeap.  So, how’re you doing?

FYI: I’ll make my first post about how the past 24 hours have been by tomorrow night. That should be enough of a sample. :)

As a note, I’ll update this post in the future with links to future posts!  (Thanks, Steve, for forging this path.)


  • Day One — Surreal, and easy to underestimate
  • Day Two — Made three errors by now
  • Day Three — A less severe error that’s on my mind
  • Day Four — Bad REM naps
  • Day Five — Bad naps, but a few good ones with dreams I remembered.
  • Day Six — Not much besides that dim lights help.
  • Day Seven — A failed pledge to track sleeping totals, but acknowledgement of mistaken caffeine use.
  • Day Eight, Nine, and Ten — Thoughts after a trip to NY about my sleep schedule.  FYI, came up with an idea.
  • Day Eleven and Twelve — A talk on me and what I found during this sleepless soul-searching.  Also, reinvigorated sleeplessness to push naps. Still missing some and suffering large naps.

Swag at PAX East 2012 (Pre-Game notes)

Hey, here’s a bit of information on the PAX East swag I’m aware of, before I go:

(Last updated: April 5th, 2012:  4:40PM EDT

(Still constructing, but posting for now.)



What does “Be Yourself” mean? What does “Love Yourself” mean? Stop beating yourself up.

Hey everyone,
Wrote this for someone at a site I visit.
I don’t know how many of you will appreciate this post. However, I hope some may see this as a spark of inspiration.

The topic:: “If I’m a terrible person, who’s cynical, a wall-flower, and destined for mediocrity, how can I succeed? I’d need to be someone else. What does ‘being yourself’ really mean? I can’t be myself.”

(PS, there’s maybe one or two people who might benefit from this. I’m likely to link them here… No offense. I like you, and I fear you may still have the fears suggested below. So.. I want you to hear this uplifting speech I wrote.. )

My post:

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