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Sprint Hero plan VS Droid Eris

I took a look at the Sprint Hero, and finally got one.


  • It has its slow moments.  Sometimes, I type so fast that the keyboard can’t keep up, even when the phone is doing nothing.
  • Some applications you download can stay on constantly, draining the battery, even if you aren’t using them.  (EG: See the UStream application.  Great in theory, bad in practice?)
  • It has its slow moments more frequently than you’d desire.  Sometimes, I hit the phone-hangup button to stop the sleep display on the phone, and I have to wait at least half a second for it to show up.  This can be a problem when it doesn’t show up for seconds, and then you hit the same button just to make sure it’s working.  If you dot hat, when the phone DOES come back, the display will light up–and then immediately disappear because you DID hit the ‘turn off display’ button twice.

I think it’s worth my investment, however, and I’ll let you know how pleased I am by the end of the… ack. Two year contract :p

$80 per month is affordable, however.  I’ve had this for at least a week, and have only used 24 minutes out of 450… Either I don’t call landlines enough, or I picked an amazing plan for my phone.

Be back later– I plan to make an intellectual post on How to discipline yourself, what habits to create to get yourself discipline, and what has inspired this need for it with me.

What does Sprint’s EPRP mean? Also: Sprint Hero

EPRP means “Everything Plus Referral Program”.

I read a comment at the DROID ERIS for Verizon post at Engadget that talked about an affordable plan with Sprint’s Hero SmartPhone, which is essentially HTC’s Droid Eris.

If/when I switch to this plan/phone, I”ll let you know. I currently don’t get to leave my computer a lot, so if I plan on going out sometime, I think I’ll get the phone.